Superpower Your Sales


LeadsByAI can power your entire sales division, with campaigns for various stages of your sales cycle.

Superpower Your Sales Division

Stacked with Features

Along with a not otherwise available price per WooSender seat, below is just a peak at the top-line tools that you will have at your fingertips when you hire LeadsByAI.

Be advised – this feature-set of our service is growing monthly. The value is undeniable.


Lead Database

Connect your CRM or lead database to LeadsByAI to bring your list into leadsbyai or sync leads back to your database with richer data (including tags, engagement level, interest level, stage of sales cycle, active vs opted-out, and more).

Content Writing


Automatically book appointments using a proactive scheduler using AI to offer appointment times from your calendar and drastically increase your schedule rates.

Logistics & Account Setup

Voicemail Messages

Recorded voicemails can be scheduled within campaigns to add a human element to your campaigns to add personality, urgency, in context to where they are in the sales cycle, and can build rapport with your leads.
Voicemails are scheduled with LeadsByAI's ringless technology.

Data Capture


Ask your leads questions, and automatically store their answers to flesh-out their data profile.

Trainable Responses


Imagine an AI that always knows how to give the ideal responses to the most important questions asked by your prospects.
Our team is constantly monitoring your campaign for areas to groom and improve the AI.

Trainable Actions


The system learns from common responses from your leads, offering creative opportunities for automation, aside from programmed auto-responses.
Add unique tags, put leads to your MailChimp list, move them to unique segments on Hubspot, and more.

Weed Out Wrong Numbers

Weed Out Wrong

We’ll get the negativity off of your floor, and program your account to screen out toxic leads,
The AI will recognize when it’s reached a wrong number or wrong individual and automatically clean that up so that you’re only focused on talking to the people that are relevant and want to engage with your business.

CANSPAM Law Compliance


The system has inherent, built-in functionalities designed to maintain compliance.
The system will automatically opt-out parties upon request, offer opt-out messages when legally required, and prevent your sales people from engaging with opted-out parties.

CSV Import/Export


Aside from directly feeding leads into WooSender with API hooks to your CRM, you can also import/export leads in CSV format and manually assign leads to specific sales agents or specific campaigns.

Live Call Transfer

Live Call

When a lead is ready to speak, or when they schedule a meeting, they will automatically be routed to the assigned sales person.
Calls are recorded for quality & performance purposes.

Integrate Facebook


Never miss another lead from Facebook Messenger again.
Woosender hooks directly into Facebook messages to instantly engage those leads and adds their contact information to your lead database.

Live Chat Widget

Live Chat

Enable your website with all of WooSender’s AI features and contact management with a customizable live chat widget.

Mobile App


Available on IOS & Android. Your sales agents can get notifcations on new activities and close leads on-the-go.
Respond to leads, track statuses, complete reminders, and more.

Speed to Lead Strategies

Speed to
Lead Strategies

You’re 9x more likely to convert a prospect into a client if you can respond to them within the first 5 minutes.
Our system makes sure that you’re on the right side of that statistic.

Send Attachments


Attach images, attachments, PDFs, and more to your emails or SMS messages – automatically, or manually.

In-System Reminders


Get reminders to call leads, send documents, or any other sales-related tasks in your leads lifecycle.
Reminders can be received as desktop notifications, or via email.

Performance Analytics


Get instant top-line metrics about each step of our campaign, including scheduled on-site appointments, average response time, sales agent performance, and more.

Sales Team Monitoring

Sales Team

Get a complete, authentic look at your sales teams activities.
All messages from your sales agents are stored, labeled, and archived, offering you complete visibility into how your sales team is handling leads and pitching your materials.

Dynamic Tagging System

Dynamic Tagging

Automatically (or manuall) create a tagging system based on user engagement, demographics, and progression in the sales funnel.
We utilize our own tagging schema and include metrics important to your sales process that will help you organize and optimize your list.

Campaign Management


Campaigns are not rigid, but living / breathing configurations that are constantly being refined and optimized over time to meet the demands of your user patterns, the unique personalities of your sales people, and your campaign goals.

Round Robin & Sharing

Round Robin
& Sharing

When a CRM or lead database is connected, equally distribute incoming leads across your sales team.

Log all Activities

Log all

Every aspect of your campaigns are automatically logged in easy to read conversation view per lead.
Or get a birds eye view of your lead data in table view, with sortable criteria, searchable by customizable filters, and exportable into CSV format.

Post-Proposal Follow-ups


A very healthy portion of most companies leads fall off in post-proposal follow ups.
Companies can be notoriously bad at at following up at this stage of the sales cycle. We build campaigns specifically designed to fix that.

Calendar Integration


Automatically sync to your Microsoft or Google Calendars to offer times of availabilty within your sales agents calendar and allow the AI to proactively fill the open slots.
Additionally, Appointment Reminders & Meeting Invitations are sent automatically.

AI Rule Creation

AI Rule

Different leads need different treatment. Create virtual decision trees that can move leads through the sales cycle into relevant response campaigns based upon their needs and engagement level.

Phone Forwarding


When inbound calls come in, WooSender will automatically recognize the caller ID and forward the call to the sales agent assigned to that specific lead.

Highly Extensible


Directly connect your account to, opening the door to unlimited connectivity options over tens of thousands of platforms.
Sync lead data, tags, WooSender progress, create unique API actions, and more.


Connect with Your Calendar, CRM, & More

Great data is key. Our experts will help you sync your campaigns to your lead database so you always have an accurate reflection about the health of your list. Whether leads opt out, display interest, or provide specific data, you can now automate the process of bringing that data back to your data mothership.
Your lead database has never been in better hands.
…and thousands more.

The LeadsByAI Difference

Campaign Creation & Monitoring
Optimizations and Improvements
Engage leads with Post-Proposal Campaigns
Instant Concierge Support, 9-5pm PT

Objection Handling written by experts

Leave customized voicemails

           Weekly strategy sessions to review lead communications

          Scrub Your Lists for inactive phone numbers, landlines, etc

Campaign Creation – Speed to Lead Experts write your campaigns FOR you
Strategists get to know your company and write in your authentic voice

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